The ultimate fleet tracking system


With Zapala Fleet you can have real-time visibility of you fleet, setting up alerts and in-depth reports. Suitable for companies of all sizes.

Optimise and track operations directly from the office. Our easy-to-use interface empowers your company to set-up alerts, manage & monitor fuel, track driver behaviour and much more.

Why use Zapala Fleet?

Our Fleet Tracking Solution is Designed to Simplify Fleet Management

Full Control

Full management of their mobile resources through an advanced range of features, including in-depth reports, real-time alerts, graphic-rich dashboards, mobile applications for Android and Apple, and integration of the latest telematics equipment available.

Driver behaviour

Detailed driver monitoring, identifying incidents of harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding, rapid cornering and many other driving-related metrics. We also provide a point-based system for driver ranking.

Fuel Monitoring & Management

Zapala Fleet supports a wide-range of technologies for effective fuel monitoring such as fuel usage reports and various real-time alerts for fuel-related incidents such as theft and re-fuels.


One Software, several industries

Zapala Fleet understands that different industries face unique challenges and have specific requirements to ensure they operate optimally. We have extensive experience across many industries. Trust us to customise a solution to best fit your business.

Our Strategic Suppliers

Zapala Fleet works closely with some of the industry’s biggest institutions to power our world-class platform.

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